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Join our Young Adults as they remember their Journey to and from St Beuno’s.

Join us via Zoom on Saturday 13 June 2020 @ 4pm. Details available from Charmagne +44 7876 301643

SAYAM organised a lively session on prayer, to help our members learn how to pray.

As the fruit of the session, the SAYAMites, came up with ten prayers to be used for various needs… We hope that this will help us all to pray and have confidence that God will answer…




Who are we?

We are an energetic group of young adults from St. Anselm’s parish, Southall, and beyond. SAYAM primarily aims at offering an effective ministry to young adults, over 18 enabling them to deepen their love for God, fellow human beings and the beautiful creation of God. We, the members of SAYAM are very active in the life of the Church and hold our Catholic Faith close to our hearts and try in many ways to inspire others in and through our “Faith, Service and Fellowship”. 

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Core Group Members: Charmagne Fernandes (Co-ordinator); Shannon Dias; Kevin Colaço; Royston Rodrigues; Norman Gonsalves

What do we do?

We animate the liturgy at the 6.30pm Mass every Sunday. Our members serve as Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, Servers, and Ushers. The Choir is the essential part of our contribution to the liturgy. Our highly talented musicians and singers praise and worship God and help the faithful grow in praising God through singing. Young talent finds a safe haven to grow and glow in order to glorify God. Every Sunday, after the 6.30pm Mass, we gather for our sessions in the Parish Centre. 

How do we grow?

SAYAM is not just a group but rather we are built together as a family. Every Sunday, when we meet, we pray together, play together, sing together and share our faith together, in love and friendship. We explore the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church and widen our spiritual experience together. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the young adults to socialise, share experiences, support each other and strengthen our bond as family in and through various creative activities. These help us in many ways, to grow together in faith, service and fellowship. In and through, praise and worship, and Light after Eight, we help the members of our parish to praise and glorify the Lord and we endeavour to bring many more to encounter Jesus during Light after Eight. Given the multi-cultural and religious background of Southall, we help our brothers and sisters of others faiths and none to have an experience of Jesus by warmly welcoming them to experience the power of God.   

Are you interested?

If you are a young adult and looking for a forum to meet other young adults, SAYAM is a great place to start. 

Together, we shall grow in order to glow in our faith and give Glory to God.

You are most welcome to be part of this family and find the love of God. Please feel free to get in touch with any member of the core group…