Youth Ministry [SARYM]




On November 5, the Youth celebrated “ALL SAINTS DAY.” They were asked to dress as a saint they admired or found inspiring and create a poster about a saint of their choice. The Young People thoroughly loved this session because they discovered information about the Saints that, previously, they were unaware of.

The Youth Ministry Sports Team held a sports day on October 29. The Young People went to Featherstone Park, nearby, to participate in a variety of sporting events, including a football tournament. St. Teresa’s group won the Tournament.

On October 15, the Youth Council Leaders took the lead in the session in which they explained the Youth Council Leaders responsibilities. Additionally, on that day, the youth participated in a listening campaign where they all had the chance to speak openly about their own problems with mental health and domestic challenges.

All Ealing Citizen Leaders and Youth Council Leaders had the chance to visit the London Living Wage Celebration on November 14 2022, to celebrate the victory with Councillor Peter Mason and MP Virenda Sharma. Some young people had the chance to welcome them, and have a professional conversation with them. The rest of the crew were able to network. As a result, West London College, Heathrow Education and St Anselm’s Rising Youth Ministry will be working closely with each other on upcoming Citizen’s events.

Come and be a witness on

the Way to the Cross

Our Young People look forward to welcoming you on

April 2 and April 3 2022

after 6.30 Mass in the church


Come watch the love!!


Our young people, here, in Southall invite you to come along to this event.

Saturday 27 November 2021 at 7.15pm

Free Entry!!

Our Young People are happy to be able to meet in person, again. It is good to come together to pray, promote, play and to take advantage of the opportunity to share and support each other. If you would like to join them, please contact Mark Silva.

Join us for Christmas Carols and a Nativity Story from our youth December 2020

Our young people reflect on the Season of Creation

During the Season of Creation, we are invited to reflect, discuss and pray on our relationship with God’s creation and ways of becoming better stewards. We are called to grow in solidarity with the whole of creation by restoring a healthy relationship which ignites liberation and consolation for exploited and abused sections of the creation. Having discussed in different groups, the youth took time to share some of their ideas and concerns through the medium of short enactments.   

Appreciating the Gift of Creation

Pope Francis and the whole Church have been inviting all of us to reflect and to engage with the world around us, to effect an ecological conversion. This desire, however, does not only stem from a guilt about the destruction that we have caused, but instead it is nourished by our faith in God and Jesus Christ who is ever present and continually labours in and through creation. It springs from our love to be united with God, the merciful Father by putting right our relationship with one another and creation. 

Responding to this invitation and as a part of celebrating the Season of Creation, a group of youth from St Anselm’s Church Rising Youth Ministry, visited Wolf Fields managed by A Rocha. Kailean Khongsai, coordinator of the project, invited the youth to toil and work in the allotment for a couple of hours. Being in a place converted from a wasteland to a wonderland, the hope is that our own wastelands within us and the way we relate to people and creation would be turned into wonderlands of stewardship, love and mercy.

Being Connected to One another

We desire to be connected with one another, and this desire has in no way been reduced during the lockdown period. It helps each one to be grounded and to be aware of different experiences that affect us and the people around us. One of the initial steps in being connected to one another is sharing. Of course, sharing could happen in so many different ways. A group of youth from St Anselm’s Rising Youth Ministry got together to share some of their experiences of the lockdown. The youth shared one particular experience during the lockdown months that gave life, meaning and joy. Here in this video, a summary of that sharing is presented, hoping to be connected with the larger parish community. 

This is what happens when we work together