The Masses for those being confirmed this year will take place on:

Thursday 01 July 2021 at 7.30 pm

Friday 02 July at 7.30 pm

Monday 05 July at 7.30 pm

Tuesday 06 July at 7.30 pm

Wednesday 07 July at 7.30 pm

Thursday 08 July at 7.30 pm

Friday 09 July at 7.30 pm

These Masses are reserved only for those being confirmed this year and their families

If your child is being confirmed this year, decide which Mass you would like to attend. You should then contact the Church Office by ringing 0208 574 3300. You will be asked to give the name of your child and anyone attending the Mass with your family group. Each family group can have up to five members including the child being confirmed and their Sponsor

You should contact the office from Monday – Friday between the hours of 10.15am – 6pm. You will not be able to book for these Masses at any other time. Space is limited and will be booked on a strictly first come, first served basis. Please listen to any messages you may hear when you ring, and DO NOT HANG UP.

You will not be able to book spaces for these Masses in the usual way, via the online booking system provided by the diocese. THEY CAN ONLY BE BOOKED FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS, ABOVE.