Youth Ministry – SARYM

St. Anselm’s Rising Youth Ministry (S.A.R.Y.M)

SARYM-02 (1) St Anselm’s church holds a youth club every Saturday at 2:30 in the parish Hall. We welcome children between the age ranges of 13 – 17. Our aim is to provide our young people a bigger and brighter future. all.are.welcome (2)

We hold many activities and Educational sessions such as Career development, Environmental Studies in A-Rocha, Time Management and Behaviour Management. We shall visit care homes and Sea sights.




If you are willing to join our team then please contact Mark Silva – Volunteer Youth Worker on or Meet him in church on Saturday after 6:30 mass.

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Sarym.5 RECENT EVENT: THE CELEBRATION OF PENTECOST – Program including drama, dance and singing.


The Gifts of the Holy Spirit – a banner at St Anselm’s Church