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 Youth Ministry would like to thank each and every one of you for your generous contributions towards raising funds for the rising youth. We volunteers, along with our young people, will pray for you and your families. With your help and support we have raised £600.00. This money will be used for various things for our youth.


Once again thank you! For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us on: 











The 2017 Summer Youth Camp

The Prayer of San Francesco d’Assisi “CANTICLE OF THE SUN”


The display has been designed by BEATRICE REFIEVNA, who guided our young people during the summer camp art workshop.

My Name is Mark Silva, I am one of the Volunteers and a Youth Worker at St Anselm’s Church. This year our summer youth camp took place between 31st July and 18th August, and its main theme was ‘LIGHT’ Let everyone grow his/her talent! Last year we found out a lot of hidden gifts in our youngsters. Therefore, this year our aim was to allow the young people to show their talents so that they could discern and choose the most meaningful career or path in their lives. 

We arranged a wide range of engaging and interesting indoor as well as outdoor activities. For instance, those who joined us in the camp could get involved in various performances (drama, dancing and singing workshops), go bowling, compete in a football cage match, go canoeing, participate in the RISE Theatre sessions; they also were able to share their time and gifts with the Elderly either in several local nursing home or by organising a wonderful tea part in the parish hall. To make the whole experience even more enjoyable and unforgettable, the young people finished the summer camp with an adventurous outing to Bournemouth, and a thanksgiving Mass followed by a barbecue & dancing party.
We are very grateful to all the volunteers who offered their support. It would not have been possible to  achieve anything without them. IMG-20170808-03923 
Every summer camp is not only about having fun but it is also an opportunity to help young people to shape their lives, reflect on their choices and decisions. For this reason, we chose to open and end each day with a movement of prayer and gratitude for everything that we have received. 
My experience with the young people at St Anselm’s was marvellous as I discovered amazing actors and dancers! 
I would like to invite the parents who are members of our parish or live in the neighborhood to send their children to the next summer camp in July-August 2018 so that we can help your children to shape their future. 
Mark Silva 
Volunteer Youth Worker 

 St. Anselm’s Rising Youth Ministry (S.A.R.Y.M)

SARYM-02 (1) St Anselm’s church holds a youth club every Saturday at 2:30 in the parish Hall. We welcome children between the age ranges of 13 – 17. Our aim is to provide our young people a bigger and brighter future. all.are.welcome (2)

We hold many activities and Educational sessions such as Career development, Environmental Studies in A-Rocha, Time Management and Behaviour Management. We shall visit care homes and Sea sights.




If you are willing to join our team then please contact Mark Silva – Volunteer Youth Worker on or Meet him in church on Saturday after 6:30 mass.

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Sarym.5 RECENT EVENT: THE CELEBRATION OF PENTECOST – Program including drama, dance and singing.


The Gifts of the Holy Spirit – a banner at St Anselm’s Church