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                        WLC DELEGATES ASSEMBLY, MARCH 2017

The Delegates Assemblies happen three times a year and is our opportunity for bringing the West London alliance together to celebrate recent victories and plan together for the coming months. It is the highest decision making body for WLC. At our last Assembly (15th March 2017; the City of Westminster College, London) we were discussing some potential joint actions, our collective ownership of campaigns finances and training. 

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WCL Upcoming Actions and Training

AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Thurs 27th April 2017; time/venue TBC. Big action to coincide with Persimmon Homes AGM – the developer with the worst record for building affordable homes. Planning meeting: Mon 3rd April, 6pm-7.30pm. For details contact: < jashmenall@yahoo.com >

WESTMINSTER REFUGEES WELCOME – Wedn 3rd May, 7pm, Porchester Hall (Porchester Rd, London W2 5HS). Action at Westminster Council meeting to pressure them to resettle 50 Syrian refugees. For details contact: < westminsterwelcome@gmail.com >

GREAT GET TOGETHER – Sat 17th June, 1pm, venue TBC. A bring and share lunch in memory of Jo Cox, about building and strengthening relationships. For details contact: < sarahholtam@gmail.com >

NEXT DELEGATES ASSEMBLY – Thurs 29th June, 6pm-8.30pm, venue TBC. For details contact: < Amanda.walters@citizens.org >

NATIONAL RESIDENTIAL TRAINING: 9th-14th July 2017, Nottingham and 17th-22nd Sept 2017, Newcastle. For details contact: < Amanda.walters@citizens.org >.

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Dear Friends at WLC and St Anselm’s, as a follow-up to all your hard work and the efforts of Amanda Walters (WLC Associate Organiser), a new Heathrow London Living Wage Working Group was formed in January 2017 and two meetings took place at the Compass Centre (6th Feb and t7th March).


There have been a few positive developments:

+ The working group has agreed their terms of reference and are creating a plan on how Heathrow Airport Ltd can move to become London Living Wage accredited with a view to securing Board level approval at the end of April in order to proceed with the plan.

+ The Heathrow Sustainability Strategy, which was made public this week, identifies the following target: “Heathrow Airport Ltd to achieve London Living Wage accreditation in 2017”, and it also makes a very promising statement:

We will publish a roadmap in 2017 that sets out how we can help transition our supply chain employees working at Heathrow Airport to be paid the London Living wage.” 

Please see page 52 – 9.2 Become a London Living Wage employer at:

Heathrow2.0_Our.plan.for.sustainable.growth.2017 . 

The working group will meet again on 10th May 2017 and hopefully the Board will have endorsed the London Living Wage by then.  Needless to say, we count on your support and participation in this long, ongoing and challenging campaign. 

Jan Janoszka, Social Outreach Worker, 

Tel: 0757-294-2799; E-mail: <  janj@rcdow.org.uk  >.












Many people,  (asylum seekers, migrant workers – legal and illegal, young people on student visas, unemployed, low paid and exploited workers, domestic violence) come to the door of the Rectory  for immediate assistance and help with their job prospects, housing problems and day to day survival  etc. Ministering in Southall requires one to be willing to give time to the poor and marginalized and to be sympathetic towards their difficulties.

We are involved with West London Citizens a lobby organisation which seeks to improve the lives of our areas’ citizens, as a member of West London Citizens the parish campaigns for justice issues which reflect the struggles of some of our parishioners.027

Those who attend churches, mosques and temples in Southall are people who struggle with those problems every day. Membership of West London Citizens gives us the opportunity to offer a critical solidarity, as Christians, alongside those of other faiths, to live in the hope and possibility of change and regeneration. In particular, our shared task is to highlight the plight of the poor and the disadvantaged, and to work for justice.

Some fifty of our parishioners take an active part in the campaigning work of West London Citizens.  A group of 12 parishioners and the parish priest meet regularly to plan the greater involvement of the parish.  This group helps the parish to be more involved in the life of Southall and to work more closely for justice issues and the common good. In that way we hope to develop and strengthen our links with existing community organisations.

In an inner urban area of multiple deprivation such as this there is a crying need to develop the Church’s commitment and activity in the areas of Social Justice and commitment to the poor.

We have been active in a number of campaigs, e.g. :

+ Health – Southall is a community of about 100,000 people many of whom are amongst the most deprived in the country, who have significant health needs This community lives with a particularly high burden of disease, including TB and high levels of diabetes, heart disease and stroke There is especially poor access to GPs, and many people don’t have access to a car, so easy access by public transport to A&E is especially important. The Parish has taken part in the NHS consultation about the reconfiguration of Hospital and Health Provision (which was carried out by Ipsos MORI). Of the 1770 detailed responses received over 600 came from the efforts made by our parishioners. We will continue to campaign against Health Inequalities and for the implementation of excellent Out of Hospital Care in the Borough of Ealing and in the Southall area.

+ City-Safe – brings together the local Police, traders, institutions and faith communities. As a result of several walks and visits in the Green and along King St there are 4 “City-Havens” and 12 “Safe-Zones.” 

+ Supporting Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees – The Diaspora Caucus of UK Citizens exists to promote community organising among institutions and leaders which are based in the UK remain connected to their country of origin by nationality, language, religion or culture. Through training, leadership development and action, we aim to build the power of diaspora communities to tackle social injustice and to improve public attitudes to migrants through working with others for the common good. Training provided by New Citizens team will extend this work to Southall and support the work the parish already does for migrant workers and anyone who needs trustworthy immigration advice. 

Poster: NCLS Launch .