Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a lay apostolic association of Catholics who, with the sanction of the Church and under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of All Graces, serve the Church and their neighbour on a voluntary basis.  The Legion of Mary is spread throughout the world.


The Legion in this parish started in February 2012 with 13 members and this day we are 22 active members and 28 Auxiliary members. Father Gerard Mitchell is our Spiritual Director.

Membership: In Legion there is two kind of membership – Active and Auxiliary. Active members needs to attend the weekly meeting which we have every Friday at 6pm in church rectory and perform the apostolic work of 2 hours in a week. Auxiliary members offer Our Lady their prayers so that SHE can apply them where they are most needed.

What role does the Legion play in this parish?

We are a lively, active group, supporting one another in living the faith and sharing with others. In the church our Legion we act as Eucharistic ministers, ushers for Sunday masses, Catechists, etc.

Our active members visits 5 nursing homes in Southall every week in a group of two or more. We spend some time talking with the sick and elderly people in these nursing homes, praying and reciting rosary with them, singing hymns and action songs, read gospel and distribute Holy Eucharist. Every Thursday we accompany the priest for the Eucharistic celebration in one nursing home where there are patients with dementia. Sometimes a Eucharistic celebration is celebrated in other nursing homes as well.

We do house to house visitation spreading the love of God and pray and recite rosary with the sick and the house bound.

Our Lady’s statue for house to house visitation. If any would like to take the statue of Our Lady to your house for a day or more please contact the Legion members. If required our members will accompany you with the statue to your house for praying and for the recitation of rosary.

We organised a street mass which was held in the house of one of our parishioners. The Legion members along with the member of that house visited other parishioners in the street and invited them to the street mass. There was a very good response. Now we want to continue with this marvellous work and we ask your support. If you would like to have a street mass in your house please contact our Legion members.

What would be our aim and future plans? 

We would continue to serve the church with the apostolic work we do. Father Gerard wishes us to develop our work to the sick and housebound in their nursing homes, to visit the housebound of the parish and to build up our community by visiting and organising more house masses. In addition he has also asked us to explore the possibility of working with other churches in Southall to care for women who have been trafficked and are trapped in a life of prostitution and drug addiction on our streets.