Prayer Corner

Prayer is an important way of developing our personal relationship with God. It is also the way that we create a Christian community and become Church – sons and daughters of God, here, on earth.

Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice.

Psalm 141: 2

Listen to our podcasts during this Year of the Word of God, as we reflect on the Gospel Readings each week.

In addition to participating in the Masses, you can come into the church for quiet moments of personal prayer. You can pray for your own intentions or for the intentions of other parishioners, written in the book at the back of the church. You can also request prayer by writing your intentions in the book.

You can also pray for the Pope’s intentions. There is a different focus for each month. In March, he is praying for the Church in China.

The Pope’s Video – February 2020

Let us pray together that the Church in China may persevere in its faithfulness to the Gospel and grow in unity.

Pope Francis – March 2020

Everywhere, the Church seeks to promote whatever unites us. That’s also true in China, a land of great opportunities, where the Church is called to live and grow in unity. “Today, the Church in China looks to the future with hope. The Church wants Chinese Christians to be truly Christians, and to be good citizens. They should promote the Gospel, but without engaging in proselytism, and they need to achieve the unity of the divided Catholic community.

You may also find the following links, useful:  This resource can be downloaded as an App and provides prayerful reflection on each days readings….  This resource offers an opportunity reflect on the Sunday Readings each week and is designed for use at home. Alternatively, you can join us, each Wednesday morning at 10.00am, after Mass, in the rectory when there is an opportunity to pray and reflect together, on the readings.  This resource can be downloaded as an App and enables each of us to pray alongside the Pope, for his intentions and the needs of others, each month. It reminds us that, as individuals, we are not only part of the Parish community, but also a worldwide community, which is constantly praying for the needs of others.