The Catholic Women’s League

Who are we?

The Catholic Women’s League is a national group of women of all ages united in prayer and in their service to the Church. For example, you may have seen us as Ushers when taking communion also making tea and coffee after the Sunday 11am Mass to raise money for the Church but that is not all we do, we organise Pilgrimages to different parts of England like Walsingham, St. Judes, we are holding a Family Day Trip to Clacton-on-Sea in August and we also have a Shopping Trip to France in November. We are also involved in St Anselm’s Church as first communion and conformation instructors for the children.

Where are we?

There is CWL representation in over 200 parishes in the Dioceses across England and Wales.

What do we do?

The League is involved in charitable work of all kinds. Members endeavour to exert influence in those issues rooted in social justice and peace and particularly seek to make the voice of Catholic women heard in the legislative system on issues of the Family. Every activity we are involved in we do to raise money for the Church and Charities both in England and abroad. e.g. For Childrens Homes both here and abroad, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, the Homeless. The League offers members the opportunity to develop and learn new skills, enabling them to fulfil their mission of service to one another, to their parish and to the Church.

 Could the Catholic Women’s League be for me?

Yes!  The League has a positive voice for good in the Church today and you could be a part of that. As a member you will find fresh interests, make new friends and discover opportunities that will enable you to make a real difference and play an important role in church and society.

 Do come along and join other Catholic women
on a journey of faith and friendship.

We are always ready to welcome new members.
To apply for membership and for further information please contact

Jennifer Hallal, Tel: 07908006258.

We also recommend our Resources link.